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Sofia was the first Russian girl born in Hamilton, MT but raised in Oregon. She was taught from a young age to work hard, strive for success, and to be resilient. After attending her local high school in Keizer, Oregon, she attended Chemeketa Community College and received her degree in General Studies. Whilst on her journey to find the right career, Sofia began her work in special education and fell in love with her work with students of developmental disabilities. She now works at her alma mater teaching in special education. Sofia has always enjoyed helping others, especially within her community. Her parents taught her and her sister from a young age about the importance of community involvement and she continues her work today.

During quarantine Sofia began to struggle with her mental health. She started talking about it more through her social media handles and speaking about her own personal experiences, as well. She found solace through hiking and her two kittens; Olive and Gus-Gus. Being an avid hiker is something Sofia takes pride in as an Oregonian. She now uses her social media as a way to highlight the state and different areas that can be explored.

Throughout her reign, Sofia hopes to continue her work in volunteerism and shed light on her platform. She created the hashtag #getupglowup as an initiative to shed some light upon domestic violence awareness. Sofia plans to instill knowledge about the DV in younger generations and show that it isn’t something “ugly” to talk about. She says knowing can help save and protect those new to the dating world and it can happen to anyone. Sofia continues to work with women's shelters and domestic violence centers.

Sofia found a lot of her confidence through pageantry that she now carries over into other aspects and activities in her life! Such as, working towards new goals at the gym or trying new things like ax throwing. She continues to work on her self-love and confidence through freelance modeling and even dreams of working through a modeling agency one day.