MEGAN VAN SOMEREN

Megan Van Someren, USOA Mrs Oregon 2022 A 24 year old Corban University graduate, accepted to complete her Masters from Harvard University. Her and her husband celebrated their first year of marriage this past September and are proud dog parents to two of the cutest fur babies. Her husband Matthew has always been her biggest fan in her pageantry career and is quite the pageant judge himself. She currently works as a Manager in Dutch Bros Coffee and is projected to franchise with her husband in the next 2 years. Her and her husband’s dream is to continue to make a difference in communities, the way only Dutch Bros can. Megan’s vision as USOA Mrs Oregon simple: it’s to make a difference in meaningful ways. To leave a legacy of courage and kindness; that no matter what everyone in her community, state and country feels valued, loved and heard. Megan’s platform, SMART Reading: One Page at a Time, holds a special place in her heart. Having read over 12,000 books in her life time, she has seen how reading has changed her life. The mission of her platform, in partnership with SMART Reading Oregon, is to help young people develop skills through reading that will equip them for success in life. “The noblest art, is that of making others happy.” - P.T. Barnum The year as USOA Mrs Oregon to give back to the wonderful state of Oregon is a humbling and honored opportunity; it is Megan’s dearest wish, not just to make a lasting impact, but to leave her community a little brighter than when the year began.

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